Jon Doyle Quintet

This note is late … months late; apologies!
Jon Doyle is one of my two most regular music mates. He’s certainly one of my very best friends. Without a doubt, he’s one of Austin’s finest musicianers. It thrills me to no end that he decided to front his own quintet and make some recordings of the effort.
What more could I desire? How about filling out the quintet with some other close friends and top-shelf musicianers! J.D. Pendley is the other most regular music mate. I have spent more stage and studio time with these two gentlemen than any other musicianer. In these last few years, Hal Smith is edging his way close to that same qualification. If that line-up isn’t enough, it’s my great pleasure to announce one of the best new rhythm guitarists you’ll hear: Brooks Prumo.
The line-up in incredible and the music is magic. Michael Steinman at Jazz Lives wrote a lovely review at the Bandcamp website; I urge you to read it for more info on the band (he’s a far better writer than I).
I hope you’ll stop by the Jon Doyle Quintet site and give us a listen (and buy the record!).
Of course, there are a few live videos of the band on YouTube.
Jonathan-Doyle-Quintet 001