Music of Austin, Texas – Jon Doyle and Ryan Gould

Jon Doyle is a great Austin, Texas jazz musician. Clarinet and saxophone are his instruments; he’s been known to play jug and ukulele, too. He’s in high demand around Austin and nationally playing with bands like Jim Cullum Jazz Band, The White Ghost Shivers, JD McPherson … even Willie and The Wheel!
I know Jon through Austin, Texas jazz bands we’ve formed together or joined: The Jazz Pharaohs, Aunt Ruby’s Sweet Jazz Babies, Giant City, The Giant Three, Thrift Set Orchestra, Albanie and Her Fellas, The East Side Dandies, and Erik Hokkanen and The Hip Replacements.
Jon and I are close friends and enjoy making music together. I think that’s evident in this video. Jon and I share a great desire to play with good spirit and share an interesting musical conversation. Jon’s music is extraordinary. He has a lot to share and he has an ability to share it well. He also listens to others (musicians and audience alike) to reflect or respond to what they have to contribute.

“When The Little Red Roses Get The Blues For You” by Al Dubin and Joe Burke; 1930
December 2, 2012