Aunt Ruby’s Sweet Jazz Babies

Aunt Rubys Sweet Jazz Babies is an Austin, Texas based collection of talent and artistry that seeks to embody, in todays terms, the very essence of the hot jazz and swing music prevalent from the 1910-1940s. Each Aunt Rubys Sweet Jazz Babies performance is a family oriented event filled with dancing, romance, educated humor, and […]

Thrift Set Orchestra

Thrift Set Orchestra was formed at the outset of 2013 by a collection of Austin jazz musicians that strive to be rooted, energetic, and present. Born out of a shared love of Classic Swing and Hot Jazz, the Austin, Texas band embraces playing both light and hot; at times reminiscent of a Duke Ellington small […]

Cats and the Canary

Cats & the Canary began making music together in the spring of 2011, influenced and inspired by the great jazz artists and tunes of the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s. With tight arrangements and sweet harmonies, the trio plays hot jazz and swing in a style sometimes reminiscent of the Hot Club of France, sometimes evoking […]

Jonathan Doyle Quintet

Jon is a very close friend and most fearless collaborator. This project features the man himself leading a group resembling the Kansas City Six. We recorded an album in 2014. Find it at Jon’s Bandcamp page. I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking.

The Copa Kings

The Copa Kings is a fun project fronted by crooner, Billy Murphy, boasting the talents of Rob Greenfield, Rick White, Dan Torosian, Wayne Duncan, and yours truly. We’re playing the favorites from the Rat Pack book. We are presently engaged at The High Ball on the first Friday and the second Sunday of the month.

Floyd Domino All-Stars

Led by Grammy Award-winning pianist Floyd Domino, the All-Stars play highly danceable Southwestern Swing. The band includes the marvelous vocalist Alice Spencer, as well as several of Austin’s best jazz musicians. The All-Stars are available for local and long-distance engagements including swing dance events, jazz and dance festivals and more! Keep an eye on our […]

The Jazz Pharaohs

Since the 1990s and ’til now, one can count on the Happy Hour slot on Wednesday nights at the Elephant Room to resound with the music of The Jazz Pharaohs. The band has been through many evolutions but Stanley Smith, a National Treasure, has held the reigns for most of those nights. I’m proud to […]

The East Side Dandies

The East Side Dandies invited me to play with them in March of 2010 during SXSW. They had only recently taken up the Thursday nightspot when I received the call. Reese Gray, Westen Borghesi, Jon Doyle, Mark Gonzales, and David Jellema warmly welcomed me to the bandstand where I continue to hold my bass corner. […]

Albanie Falletta and Her Fellas

Albanie Falletta is a newer addition to the line-up of great Austin guitarists and talented musicianers. She formed this band in 2009 with Sick on violin, James Gwyn on drums, Jon Doyle on clarinet, David Jellema on cornet, and me on the old string bass. Albanie is not only a very tasteful guitarist; she’s a […]

Giant Three

The Giant Three is a trio featuring Jon Doyle, J.D. Pendley, and me playing the tunes of the early jazz age as well as tunes we’ve penned ourselves, beautifully arranged for clarinet, guitar, and string bass. We don’t play regularly these days as this trio. Keep an eye on the calendar!